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In 2021 Gilford Youth Climbing Club partnered with Sport NI and introduced the ‘MountainMoments’ Project. They partnered with local climber, author and artist Ciéra Clayton to provide a storytelling element to the project. 


While visiting 6 local Primary Schools, Ciera asked the pupils to enter in the Mountain Moments drawing competition; to draw something related to what they had learnt that day, or to colour in
one of the drawings provided by Ciéra, which are excerpts from her book “I Want to Climb Like the
Animals Do!”. There were 208 entries for the competition, there was amazing talent and it is so
exciting to see kids being creative with climbing! Six drawings from each school were chosen to have their drawings presented in a beautiful book titled “Creative Climbing”.


The book was designed by Ciera Clayton and explains the Mountain Moments Project, the aim of the school visits and showcases the competition winners, with their name and ages listed on each page alongside some fun facts about climbing and the animals shown in the images. 


The book is A4 Letter, full colour througout, perfect bound, 170gsm satin interior pages with 300 gsm gloss cover. 

Creative Climbing

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